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[ 32 ] Desperately Wanting -- A HenWook Piece.

Title: Desperately Wanting
Author: polyurethane
Pairing(s): HenWook (Main), HaeKyuMi (implied), SiHan (implied)
Characters: Super Junior-M
Summary: Ryeowook is helping Henry with his Korean. At some point, the iced-tea they were drinking gets spiked with alcohol. Sneaky Kyuhyun is sneaky.
Notes: I’m definitely very sure that SJM never stayed in an apartment in China, but making them live in an apartment made more sense for this fic. Also, this is my first Super Junior piece so…go easy on me? ♥


“Come on Henli… you know this one.” Ryeowook stated, once again pointing to a word in the Hangul side of the Korean to English dictionary that he held in his hands. “It’s the title to one of Super Junior’s songs.”

“I do?” Henry asked, blinking a few times as he stared at the book. “…It is?”

“Yes. It is. We did a re-make of it for the new CD! How can you not know it?”

“Oh.” Henry sighed and bit down on his bottom lip. Learning Korean really shouldn’t be this hard…should it? “Can I have another hint?”

Ryeowook hung his head, closed the book (making sure to bookmark his page) and then put it aside. “Never mind. We’ll study more later on, okay?” He smiled sweetly at the younger boy and reached out for his glass of iced-tea only to find it empty. Oh, he must have finished it. “I’m getting some more iced-tea…do you want some?”

Henry simply nodded and watched as Ryeowook left the living room and headed for the kitchen. He picked up the dictionary and stared at the page the older male had marked. …Yeah okay, he did know the word. Oops.


Zhou Mi wandered the halls of the apartment he shared with the other six boys, a slight frown on his face. He’d innocently taken a nap and woken up to find himself missing two roommates. Just where had Kyuhyun and Donghae gone?

“Kuixiaaaaaaaaan~ Donghaaaaaaaaaaaaai~” He practically whined as he continued down the hall, “Where are you?”

“Zhou Mi, shhh.” Donghae replied as he opened the door to the kitchen and pulled the older male inside.

Zhou Mi stumbled a little but soon caught hold of the counter and steadied himself. “Why do I have to be quiet?” He whispered as he walked a little farther into the kitchen.

“Because Han Geng-hyung and Siwon-hyung are sleeping,” Kyuhyun answered from his spot at the sink.

“Oh.” Zhou Mi replied and mimed zipping his lips closed.

Donghae pulled Zhou Mi over to where Kyuhyun was and smirked, “Looks like we need to make a new batch of iced-tea.”

“But that jug is almost full…isn’t it??” Zhou Mi asked, tilting his head to the side a little.

“No it isn’t.” Kyuhyun answered, taking out three glasses and filling them up.

Zhou Mi just stared at Kyuhyun like the other had suddenly grown a second head. He really had no idea what the younger boy was going on about. “…You two are being really weird.”

“No we’re not.” Donghae replied, grinning widely at Zhou Mi.

“Yes you are.” Zhou Mi stated, his lips forming into a pout.

“…Hand me that bottle there, would you Zhou Mi?” Kyuhyun asked, pointing to a bottle that was closest to Zhou Mi on the counter.

Zhou Mi handed it over and blinked a few times. The last time he had checked that wasn’t a normal ingredient in iced-tea. But Kyuhyun was adding it to the jug anyway so maybe it was just Kyuhyun’s special way of making the drink? He frowned a little more as he watched the two other boys laughing as they mixed up the jug of iced-tea and then put it in the fridge.

He still thought they were acting really weird, but he would just let it go for now and ask them to explain themselves later.

“Is there a reason you added that to the iced-tea?”

“It’s for Henli and Wookie!” Donghae replied, his grin growing (if possible) even wider before he linked arms with Kyuhyun and snickered a little.

“What’s for us?” Ryeowook asked as he entered the kitchen, staring at his fellow band members with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“The iced-tea,” Kyuhyun replied (as Donghae nodded at his side), “We finished up the last jug so I made a fresh one for you and Henry.”

“…Oh. Well that was nice of you, thanks.” Ryeowook smiled at Kyuhyun and the other boy nodded in response.

“Well, we’re going to go now. Enjoy the iced-tea.” Kyuhyun said before turning to Zhou Mi, “Don’t forget to bring our glasses, okay Mimi?”

Zhou Mi nodded, grabbed the glasses and then followed Kyuhyun and Donghae out of the kitchen. He was still really confused, but hoped that the two would explain it to him later on.


Henry smiled as he watched Ryeowook walk back into the living room with a full jug of iced-tea. The last he’d checked the jug hadn’t been that full. Oh well… it didn’t really matter. He just hoped that Ryeowook would be happy enough to just watch TV with him or something and ignore the studying for now. It wasn’t like he needed to know Korean when they were living in China anyway.

He picked up the remote for the television and smiled at Ryeowook as the older boy filled their glasses with fresh iced-tea and then sat down next to him. He reached out for his glass and took a sip. Hnm, it tasted a little off. But not too different since he was still able to tell that it was iced-tea. He did glance at Ryeowook with a raised eyebrow though.

“…Wookie, did you put something weird in this?” Henry asked, staring at the older male.

“Why do you ask? Does it taste funny?” Ryeowook asked before taking a sip of his own iced-tea. “…It tastes just fine to me.”

“Huh.” Henry took a second sip and realized he must have just imagined tasting something out of the ordinary. It didn’t taste so weird anymore. In fact, it tasted good. “Did you make it?”

Ryeowook shook his head and then took the remote from Henry, “Nope. Kyuhyunnie did.”

“Oh.” Henry made a mental note to thank Kyuhyun later for making such delicious iced-tea.


Soon enough, Henry and Ryeowook were practically falling off the couch and giggling at the television. But oddly enough, the television had gotten turned off during their flailings so they were really just laughing at the blank screen.

It wasn’t like either of them would be fully able to understand the Chinese shows that were on the television anyway, so it was probably best that it had gotten turned off.

Henry laughed and pulled Ryeowook’s head down into his lap so that he could run his fingers through the older boy’s hair. He continued to giggle as his fingers got stuck in the other’s hair. He wasn’t sure if it was because Ryeowook’s hair had tangles or if his fingers were sticky, but he was sure that his fingers were most definitely stuck in the other boy’s hair.


“Yeah?” Ryeowook asked, staring up at Henry.

“I think my fingers are stuck…”

“In my hair?”


“How’d that happen?”

“I…I don’t know.”

They then collapsed into giggles once again, soon after stopping as they heard Zhou Mi yelling in very loud Chinese from the other end of the apartment. They both got up from the couch (Henry’s fingers still stuck in Ryeowook’s hair) and stumbled down the hall. They paused outside the door of the room Zhou Mi shared with Kyuhyun and Donghae and leant against it to see if they could try and make out any of what he was saying.

“KUIXIAN DID WHAT?!” They heard him shout again, followed by laughter from Donghae. “Donghai, it’s not funny! What did he do?”

“He…He…” And Donghae dissolved into laughter, unable to finish his sentence.

“I spiked the iced-tea that I made for Ryeowook and Henry.” Kyuhyun answered with a calm tone to his voice.

“With…alcohol? But I didn’t see you put that in there…all I saw was you add syrup to it.”

“It wasn’t syrup!” Donghae stated, laughing a little louder now.

When Zhou Mi spoke again Henry and Ryeowook could hear the pout in his voice, “I don’t think that was a very smart idea, Kuixian.”

“It was an excellent idea, Mimi. My greatest idea if I do say so myself.” Kyuhyun replied and then let out a short laugh.

“No fun. For a week.”

“…What?!” Donghae and Kyuhyun shouted in unison.

“You heard me.” Zhou Mi responded.

The last thing Henry and Ryeowook heard before they snuck away from the door was a mutual groan from Donghae and Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi’s quiet chuckles.


Ryeowook settled back down on the couch with his head in Henry’s lap and smiled up at the younger boy. Henry slowly wiggled his fingers out of Ryeowook’s hair and smiled back at him. He still didn’t know why he felt so…happy after drinking the iced-tea that Kyuhyun had made for them, but he definitely enjoyed the feeling.

There was just one thing he was curious about though. “…What do you think Zhou Mi-gege meant by ‘fun’?”

Ryeowook shrugged and pouted a little. “I don’t know. Maybe…” He then sat up and moved off the couch only to sit back down on top of the younger boy's lap, leaning his face close to Henry’s with a slight smirk plastered across his features. “Maybe…this?” He then leant forward and pressed his lips to Henry’s.

Henry started for a second, his bones threatening to jump out of skin before he reached down and threaded his fingers in the belt loops at the back of Ryeowook’s jeans. He pulled the older boy closer and kissed him sloppily. All tongues and spit and just… hunger.

He pulled back about a minute later and stared at Ryeowook who had a line of spit from his mouth to his chin. Henry couldn’t tell if it was his spit or Ryeowook’s, but it was definitely there. He panted for a couple seconds and then pressed his lips back against Ryeowook’s, holding the older male even closer to his frame.

“See, I told you it was my greatest idea ever.” Kyuhyun stated as he and Donghae watched from the open door.

“Well, I think so…but Mimi’s just weird.” Donghae replied, leaning his chin on Kyuhyun’s shoulder as he hugged the other boy from behind.

“OHMYGOD HAN GENG, THE BABIES ARE KISSING!” Siwon shouted as he wandered past the living room.

“WHAT?!” Han Geng shouted from the bedroom he shared with Siwon.

“KISSING!” Siwon shouted back, cupping his hands around his mouth to make sure that Han Geng heard him.

“Shhh!” Kyuhyun whispered angrily while Donghae reached out to cover Siwon’s mouth with his hand.

Donghae pulled his hand away seconds later and made a disgusted face.

Siwon had just licked his palm. If that wasn’t one of the grossest feelings ever, he didn’t know what was. “Ew.”

“You deserved it hyung.” Siwon replied and then glanced at Kyuhyun. “Why are the babies kissing?”

“’Cause Kyuhyunnie spiked their ice-tea with rum and the alcohol made them realize how much they desperately wanted each other.” Donghae replied as he wiped his spit drenched hand down his thigh.

“Oh.” Siwon replied, nodding a little. “…Wait? Rum?! Henry’s underage!”

“Whatever.” Kyuhyun replied absentmindedly as he continued to watch Ryeowook and Henry kiss.

Yes, he was definitely a genius. And no amount of Zhou Mi denying ‘fun’ could make him change his mind. He was clearly the smart one in this group. No one else would have come up with getting Ryeowook and Henry drunk enough to finally confess to each other.

The two had been skirting around a relationship for too damned long. And now thanks to Kyuhyun they’d realized what everyone else in the group had seen from the beginning. He smirked and reached for Donghae’s hand, pulling him away from the door.

His job for today had been accomplished. Now it was up to him and Donghae to convince Zhou Mi that a week was much too long to deny them their ‘fun’.

And it wouldn’t be too hard. Especially since he knew Zhou Mi couldn’t resist when Donghae did that thing with his hips.

It was so easy to manipulate people. Even more so when they thought he was just the quiet one who didn’t know how to be sneaky.

Oh, how wrong they were.
Tags: character ; cho kyuhyun, character ; choi siwon, character ; han geng, character ; henry lau, character ; kim ryeowook, character ; lee donghae, character ; zhou mi, fandom ; super junior-m, pairing ; donghae/kyuhyun/zhou mi, pairing ; henry/ryeowook, pairing ; siwon/han geng, year ; 2008

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