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[ 33 ] Predicament -- A ShinWook Piece

Title: Predicament
Author: polyurethane
Pairing(s): Shindong/Ryeowook
Summary: Shindong needs to find a suit for his cousin’s wedding. He enlists Ryeowook to help him.
Notes: For skittles because she picspammed Shindong earlier today. Including this nice shot of Shindong and Ryeowook in suits. :D

Shindong was in quite the predicament.

He had a wedding to attend but the only suit he had was four years old and didn’t fit him anymore. He also didn’t have anyone to escort him to the wedding, but finding a suit that would fit was his main priority. Finding someone to go with him could wait.

So now he had to find someone to come with him to the tux rental shop so that he could find a suit that actually fit. Showing up to his cousin’s wedding in a suit that was six sizes too small would probably not go over well with said cousin’s fiancé or her family.

Usually he would ask Sungmin or Heechul to help him out, but both of them had plans today. Heechul was helping Eeteuk and Kangin plan something for Han Geng because he’d done such a good job taking care of the others while they were in China. And Sungmin planned to spend the entire day with Kyuhyun since the youngest boy was back in Korea for a few days. In truth Kyuhyun just wanted to stay in the dorm and relax, but Sungmin had other plans for him.

Shindong was actually sort of glad that Sungmin had something else to do. The other boy would probably try and force him into a pink suit. Or worse, a powder blue one. Heechul however would probably manipulate him into something with sequins or feathers. And Shindong wasn’t quite fond of sequins or feathers.

No, it was definitely a good thing that his best friends had other things to do. A very good thing indeed.

So he’d just have to find someone else to come to the tux rental shop with him. Now…who had the day off?

Kyuhyun would be with Sungmin all day so he was out. Heechul, Eeteuk and Kangin were planning the surprise for Han Geng so none of them were available. Henry and Zhou Mi were touring Seoul with Han Geng so they couldn’t help him. Donghae and Siwon had dragged Yesung and Eunhyuk out for a day of shopping and Kibum had a full schedule of stuff for his latest drama, so all of them were no help to him either.

That only left Ryeowook. And if Shindong remembered correctly, Ryeowook actually had some good fashion sense. Yes, he was clearly the best person to ask to come with him to the tux rental shop. This was why he was now standing outside the door to the bathroom waiting for Ryeowook to finish up so that he could ask him to go with him.

…Why was he nervous? It wasn’t like it was a date or anything. It was just him going out with a friend to find a good suit for his cousin’s wedding. So there was absolutely no reason for his palms to be sweating. He wiped them off on his jeans and then found himself thinking about possibly getting Ryeowook to try on some suits as well.

It had been about a year since he'd noticed that he had the slightest of crushes on Ryeowook. When he first started watching Ryeowook he thought it was just because he was just being a good hyung and looking out for his dongsaeng.

But then he found himself thinking about the other at the most inappropriate of times, he came to the conclusion that it must be something else that had made him start watching Ryeowook a little closer than was necessary.

He soon found himself lost in his thoughts and didn’t even notice when the younger boy had left the bathroom.

“…Shindong ah? Are you okay?” Ryeowook asked, waving his hand in front of the other’s face.

“Huh?” Shindong asked as he broke out of his trance and stared at Ryeowook. “Yeah Wookie, I’m fine.”

“You sure?” Ryeowook asked, holding up his hand to put the back of his hand against Shindong’s forehead, “you were staring off into space and drooling…”

“I… I was just thinking about this new… cake that I wanted to try.” He nodded a few times and laughed it off.

“Oh. You’ll have to let me come with you. I’ve missed Korea’s sweets.”

“Ah…actually, I was wondering if you could come somewhere else with me.”


“I need a suit for my cousin’s wedding…and everyone else is busy today, could you come with me and help me pick one out?” Shindong said this all very quickly.

“Sure. But you’ll have to take me to the cake shop afterwards, okay?” Ryeowook questioned, smiling happily.

“Y-yeah, okay.” Shindong replied, smiling back at the younger boy.


Shindong walked into the tux rental shop with Ryeowook and glanced around. He was sure to find a nice suit with Ryeowook’s help. He smiled politely as an employee walked over to them.

“May I help you with something?” The girl asked, her Korean stilted and accented.

“I’m looking for a suit for my cousin’s wedding,” Shindong said slowly to make sure she understood him.

“And him?” She asked, pointing at Ryeowook.

Ryeowook shook his head rapidly and said, “No, I’m just here to help him,” at the same time that Shindong said “Find something for him too.”

The younger male stared at Shindong with a confused look on his face as the girl walked away to find some suits that she thought would look good on them. Shindong just shrugged and smiled at Ryeowook.

The girl came back shortly after with some suits thrown over her folded arm, “Follow me.”

Shindong and Ryeowook followed the girl to the changing area where she handed both of them the suits that she thought should fit, soon after bowing and excusing herself. There was an awkward silence between them when the girl left and so Shindong decided it would be best to break it. He needed Ryeowook’s help and didn’t think he’d get much help if they weren’t talking to each other.

“So…what accent do you think she has?” Shindong asked, glancing over at Ryeowook.

“Her Korean kind of sounds like Henli’s… Maybe she’s from Canada like he is?” Ryeowook shrugged and picked up the suits that the girl had left for him, “Um… I’m gonna go try these on.”

Shindong watched as the other male walked into the closest change stall and then shook his head a little. Ryeowook had probably been able to feel Shindong’s eyes on his rear as he walked away. Just because some of his band mates liked to dabble in the opposite sex didn’t mean that he did. Even if Ryeowook had become really attractive since being in China, he definitely hadn’t been looking. Definitely not looking, nope.

He took the suits that the girl had left for him and headed into one of the other change stalls. He came out a little later and looked at himself in the mirror. How in the world had the girl known his size without measuring him? The suit fit perfectly to his frame like it had been made for him. He stood there looking himself over and didn’t notice when Ryeowook had walked out of the stall next to him. He glanced over seconds later and found himself unable to stop staring.

Saying that the suit Shindong had on fit him perfectly was nothing compared to the suit on Ryeowook. It fit so well it was almost like a second skin. He took his eyes off Ryeowook when he noticed that the other was blushing, but looked back only seconds later.

“Wookie… you look very nice.”

“…You too, Shindong ah,” Ryeowook replied, the blush on his cheeks growing a little darker.

“Very, very nice,” Shindong repeated, advancing on Ryeowook and practically pushing him into the now empty change stall. He pressed Ryeowook against the wall, his body flush against the younger male’s slight frame.

“Sh-Shindong ah?” Ryeowook asked, his eyes open wider than they’d ever been before.

“Shhh.” Shindong said softly before leaning down to press his lips against Ryeowook’s.

It took Ryeowook’s brain a few seconds to cue into the fact that a) Shindong was kissing him and b) there was something pressing into his hip. He blinked a few times and then let his eyes slide closed, kissing Shindong back as he slid his arms around the older male’s neck.

Shindong continued to kiss Ryeowook, sliding his tongue slowly into the other boy’s mouth and revelling in how he tasted a little like coffee and a lot like mint. The taste reminded him of that time Donghae bought him mint-coffee chocolates for his birthday, but there was also something underneath it that was distinctly Ryeowook that Shindong couldn’t help but love.

It was a few minutes later that he heard the curtain over the change stall slide open followed by an accented “I’m so sorry!” before the sound of feet rapidly leaving hit his ears. Oh, the employee must have found them. Oops.

He’d just have to apologize to her after he was finished here. He pulled back from the younger boy seconds later, a soft flush painting his band mate’s cheeks pink. He kissed him softly once more and then made to leave the change stall when he felt Ryeowook’s hand on his wrist.

“Where do you think you’re going, Shindong ah?”

“I was going to go change out of the suit so that we could leave…” Shindong replied, staring at Ryeowook unblinkingly.

“You’re not going anywhere just yet.” Ryeowook stated before pulling Shindong back against him and pressing their lips together once again.

Shindong knew he probably shouldn’t continue with this in such a public place (what if the attendant came back?), but with Ryeowook’s breath on his neck and hands on his back all logic flew out the window. He pressed himself back against the smaller boy and kissed him hard, revelling in that mint-coffee taste again.

Anyone else be damned, the only important person right now was Ryeowook.

Explaining why they took so long to come back to the dorms (and why there was a distinctly purple bruise on Shindong’s neck) would be rather awkward when the time came, but they would deal with it in their own way. Shindong was sure that Ryeowook would come up with something.

He’d spent an awful lot of time with Kyuhyun in China; their magnae’s ability to be manipulative must have rubbed off on him at some point, right?

And if not, Shindong would just bring them all some cake.

Sweets always distracted his band mates when he was trying to hide something from them and he didn’t see why it wouldn’t work this time. He smiled against Ryeowook’s lips as he slid his hand into the younger boy’s hand and then lead him from the change stall.

He hoped the employee hadn’t been too embarrassed to walk in on them. But as he handed her the suits to pay for them, he couldn’t help but notice how she wouldn’t meet his eyes.
Maybe they had traumatized her a little.

But as he took his purchases from her and left the shop with Ryeowook he was sure he heard her whispering something in rapid English to one of the other employees along the lines of ‘those two boys were kissing in the change rooms’ followed by some loud squeals.

Well, at least he’d made someone else happy today.

And knowing that he’d made out with Ryeowook hadn’t been that bad at all. In fact, that’d been the best part. And if the younger male would agree to escort him to his cousin’s wedding, this day would be even better (especially if the day ended much like today had started).

He was definitely very satisfied with today’s events.

Very satisfied indeed.
Tags: character ; kim ryeowook, character ; shin donghee (shindong), fandom ; super junior, mentions of super junior members, pairing ; shindong/ryeowook, year ; 2008

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