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[ 35 ] Face to Face -- A HaeKyuMi Piece.

Title: Face to Face
Author: polyurethane
Pairing(s): HaeKyuMi (with lots of HaeKyu)
Summary: Zhoumi is sure he's going to love the compromise Kyuhyun came up with. But Kyuhyun has other plans.
Notes: A sequel of sorts to Confusion, Conflict, Compromise. Basically this is the porn that didn't happen in that one, haha. I am so totally embarrassed that I wrote this but um... enjoy?

“Kuixian… Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”

“What do you think I’m suggesting?” Kyuhyun asked as he glanced over at Zhou Mi.

“…I think I know!” Donghae all but shouted, grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, what is it?” Kyuhyun chuckled and his smirk grew wider.

“You want him to date you while he dates me while I date you while you date me…right?”

Kyuhyun chuckled and turned Donghae around in his arms before kissing him softly on the lips, “Bingo.”

“…I think I’m going to like this compromise,” Zhou Mi stated as he watched Kyuhyun kiss Donghae.

“Oh really?” Kyuhyun asked, smirking over at Zhou Mi.

Zhou Mi nodded and made to walk over to his lovers before Kyuhyun held up his hand to stop him. He blinked a few times and stared at the younger boy.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Kyuhyun asked as he continued to hold his hand up.

“To join you? Aren’t I part of this?”

“Are you?”

Donghae grinned and started to wave Zhou Mi over, “Of course you’re a part of it, Mimi.”

“No he’s not,” Kyuhyun stated and then slid his hand into Donghae’s, “Now come on…Donghai, was it?”

“Donghae,” Donghae corrected before raising his eyebrows in confusion, “Where are we going and why can’t Mimi come?”

“Oh, he can come. He just won’t be part of it,” Kyuhyun replied simply and then began to lead Donghae down the hall to Zhou Mi’s bedroom.

Zhou Mi stumbled along behind them and stood in the doorway as he watched Kyuhyun throw Donghae onto the bed before joining him. He sat down on the small couch (more of a loveseat than anything really) in the corner of his bedroom and watched as Kyuhyun climbed on top of Donghae and straddled the boy’s hips before leaning down to kiss him again. Biting down on his bottom lip as he tilted his head to the right so that he could see just what Kyuhyun was doing, Zhou Mi held back a slight groan.

If he’d known that letting Kyuhyun and Donghae meet would have ended up like this, he would have introduced them long ago. Because even if Kyuhyun was being odd right now and refusing to let him be part of it, he was still watching his boyfriends make out with each other on his bed.

He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t just dreaming this and then titled his head to the side a little more. He watched as Kyuhyun slowly pulled away from Donghae for a few seconds before removing both of their shirts and throwing them aside in one fell swoop. Zhou Mi’s hand ghosted over the slowly growing hardness in his pants as he watched the two on the bed.

He’d never really seen himself as a voyeur before, but now he definitely understood why someone could be into that sort of thing. Especially if the subjects were as attractive as the people he was currently getting a show from. He slowly unzipped his zipper and slid his hand into his underwear as he watched Kyuhyun kiss down Donghae’s chest before pausing and glancing back at him.

“…What do you think you’re doing?” Kyuhyun asked as he turned around and then stared at Zhou Mi.

“What does it look like?”

“He’s touching himself,” Donghae stated with a smile on his face.

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, climbed off the bed and then headed over to where Zhou Mi was seated, “Yes, yes he is. I don’t believe I said that was within the rules.”

“What rules?” Zhou Mi and Donghae asked in unison.

“The rules I made up when I agreed to this whole thing,” Kyuhyun replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Oh…” Donghae answered at the same time that Zhou Mi said “But you never said there were any rules”.

“…I’m saying there are rules now, alright?” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes again and then spoke, “Rule 1: Zhou Mi can only look and not touch. And that includes touching himself. Rule 2: Donghae is mine for the night. Rule 3: Zhou Mi can only join in when I say he can. Rule 4: --”

“Enough of your rules,” Zhou Mi said before pulling Kyuhyun into his lap and kissing him hard.

Kyuhyun sputtered and pushed at Zhou Mi’s chest. This was definitely not in the rules. In no way was Zhou Mi going to get away with such a thing. He pushed harder at Zhou Mi’s chest and successfully pulled away from the older male.

“What the hell was that?!” Kyuhyun shouted at Zhou Mi after he’d gotten back to his feet.

“A kiss, that’s what.” Donghae replied, still smiling.

Kyuhyun resisted the urge to turn around and beat Donghae senseless. What the hell did Zhou Mi see in that guy in the first place? The sex had to be good, because Kyuhyun was sure that Zhou Mi couldn’t be with Donghae for his brains.

“Do you always have to state the obvious?” He asked in an annoyed tone.


“Never mind,” Kyuhyun said as he stalked back over to the bed and sat down next to Donghae, a distinct frown crossing his features.

“Hey…Don’t look sad,” Donghae said as he scooted closer to Kyuhyun before climbing into his lap, “You said in your rules that I’m yours…right?”

“…Right,” Kyuhyun answered and held tight to the belt loops on Donghae’s jeans so that the other boy wouldn’t lose balance.


Kyuhyun blinked and stared at the boy in his lap. He really had no idea what Donghae was getting at. It was definitely confusing. He looked over Donghae’s shoulder and stared at Zhou Mi. Maybe the oldest boy would be able to help him out here.

“Donghai wants you to fuck him,” Zhou Mi replied simply.

“You do?” Kyuhyun asked, staring at Donghae once again.

Donghae just nodded and then rocked his hips forward against Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun smirked and rocked back against Donghae before lying back on the bed and pulling the other with him. He flipped them over so that he was once again straddling him and kissed him hard. He continued with his actions, sliding his tongue along Donghae’s bottom lip before the other opened his mouth and let him in.

He pulled back from Donghae after a few minutes and moved upwards to the bedside table. Pulling open the top drawer, he searched blindly for the tube he knew was in there. Hoping the tube wouldn’t be empty; he pulled it out and then scooted back down on the bed so that he was once again lying next to Donghae.

Glancing over to where Zhou Mi was sitting, he sighed and let a single word pass over his lips. Zhou Mi took the hint immediately and snuck out of the room as Kyuhyun made quick work of removing Donghae’s pants. He couldn’t rightly fuck him if they were clothed, now could he? Just as he began to slide Donghae’s underwear down, he felt something hit him in the back of the head.

“Ow, what the hell?!” Kyuhyun practically shouted, turning to look at Zhou Mi and then noticing the oldest male had the row of condoms from earlier in his hand.

He took the condoms from Zhou Mi and set them aside before continuing to remove Donghae’s underwear, smirking as the other’s arousal was released from its confinement. He chuckled and blew some hot air over Donghae’s erection, his smirk growing wider as the other shuddered a little. Holding Donghae’s hips down with his hands so that the other wouldn’t move too much, he smirked and softly pressed a kiss to the tip.

The little mewl that Donghae let out was music to Kyuhyun’s ears. He laughed a little and then wiggled out of his own pants and underwear before reaching for the tube of lubricant. He smirked and poured a liberal amount onto his fingers before climbing back top of Donghae and reaching between them to take both of their erections in one hand. Donghae mewled once more and Kyuhyun continued to rub his hand up and down, enjoying the friction.

It took only a few seconds for him to have Donghae writhing under him, but he definitely didn’t want the other boy to come before he was buried deep inside him to the hilt and the boy was screaming his name. He pulled his hand out from between them and poured some more of the lubricant on his fingers before flipping Donghae over onto his stomach and sliding his fingers between Donghae’s arse cheeks.

He tentatively pressed a finger to the pucker of skin and smirked when Donghae mewled once again. Taking this as an invitation to go further, he slowly slid one finger inside. He moved the finger around a little and brushed that spot inside Donghae just once before adding a second and eventually a third finger. Only seconds after he’d added the third finger, Donghae was arching his hips against the fingers and Kyuhyun knew he was more than ready for something more.

But before he could do anything else, he heard Donghae mutter something into the pillows.

“…What was that?” Kyuhyun asked as he unwrapped one of the condoms and slid it over his erection.

“Face to face,” Donghae replied as he turned his head a little to face Kyuhyun.


“Face to face…please?”

Kyuhyun could practically hear the whine in Donghae’s voice as he spoke. Turning just slightly to look at Zhou Mi, he blinked a few times.

“He likes it face to face, Kuixian.” Zhou Mi stated, shrugging a little.

“Oh,” Kyuhyun replied and then flipped Donghae over so that he was on his back, “Better?”

Donghae grinned up at Kyuhyun and laughed a little before pulling the younger boy down by the back of his neck for a kiss.

“He also likes to be kissed while he’s being fucked,” Zhou Mi said (more to himself than anyone else) as he watched them.

Kyuhyun lifted his hand in a sort of thumbs up motion before gently pressing the tip of his erection to Donghae’s entrance. He slowly pushed inside and waited for Donghae to get used to it before he started to move. He pulled out completely before pushing back in hard and hitting Donghae in that spot and eliciting a loud moan from the older male.

Donghae was definitely much tighter than Zhou Mi was, but Kyuhyun knew he’d be able to get used to that soon enough. Zhou Mi was rather tight the first time they’d slept together anyway, so it wasn’t like he didn’t know what it was sleep with someone who wasn’t entirely loose. He moaned into Donghae’s mouth as the other clenched around him every time he hit that spot.

Shortly after, Kyuhyun broke away from Donghae’s mouth to wave his hand in Zhou Mi’s direction. He glanced back at the oldest male and smiled a little, watching as Zhou Mi raised his eyebrow in confusion.

“Get over here, you idiot,” Kyuhyun said in a soft voice.

“Really?” Zhou Mi asked, a wide grin spreading across his features.

“Yes,” Kyuhyun replied before thrusting even harder into Donghae, eliciting yet another moan.

Zhou Mi was off the couch and kneeling on the bed within seconds. He grinned and leant down to first kiss Kyuhyun and then Donghae. He wasn’t sure what had given Kyuhyun the sudden change of heart, but he didn’t care. He pulled his own shirt off and threw it in the general direction of the couch he’d just vacated.

“Take off your pants too,” Kyuhyun stated, looking up at Zhou Mi with lust-filled eyes as he continued to pound into Donghae.

Zhou Mi chuckled and climbed off the bed, shucking off his pants and underwear quickly and then joining his boyfriends on the bed once more. The bed bounced a little as Zhou Mi practically jumped on it in his eagerness to join in. He glanced down at Kyuhyun and tilted his head to the side at the same time that Kyuhyun spoke.

“Donghae…suck him off,” Kyuhyun breathed out.

“…But that’s gross,” Donghae replied, wrinkling his nose a little.

Kyuhyun slowed his thrusts down and all but pulled out of Donghae, “I’ll stop.”

“…No, no. Don’t…I’ll…I’ll do it.” Donghae said and took a deep breath before glancing up at Zhou Mi, “I’ll only do it because I love Mimi.”

“And because Kuixian said he’d stop if you didn’t,” Zhou Mi responded.

“…T-that too.” Donghae admitted and chuckled awkwardly.

Kyuhyun just rolled his eyes before pushing back into Donghae hard at the same time that Donghae lifted himself up a little so that he could wrap a hand around Zhou Mi’s arousal. He let his tongue flick out a little to touch the tip and wrinkled his nose again. It definitely didn’t taste all that good, but he had liked the little noise that Zhou Mi had made when he did it, so he swallowed his pride and took him in slowly.

Kyuhyun smirked as he watched Donghae take Zhou Mi in to the hilt without gagging even once. He didn’t think it was Donghae’s first time doing such things, even if the older boy claimed that it was ‘gross’. He pounded harder into Donghae as he watched him orally pleasure Zhou Mi. He could tell that Donghae was getting closer and closer to release as his opening clenched more and more around him and drove Kyuhyun absolutely insane.

Zhou Mi was the first to reach climax (all over Donghae’s face since he hadn’t been able to give him fair warning) followed by Donghae and then finally Kyuhyun. He slowly slid out of Donghae and fell to the side, pulling the used condom off and tying the end.

Donghae grimaced and wiped his face all over Zhou Mi’s sheets before looking up at him with a frown on his face, “You could have warned me, Mimi!”

Zhou Mi just laughed and lay down on the other side of Donghae, throwing his arm around the boy’s waist, “Did you really expect me to last that long? You two have been teasing me since Kuixian first kissed you out in the living room…and you wouldn’t let me touch myself.”

“It was still gross,” Donghae said as he flopped down onto his back.

Kyuhyun laughed and threw his arm around Donghae’s waist as well before turning Donghae’s face to his. He held the other’s chin in his hand and kissed him languidly, pulling back seconds later and smiling. “It doesn’t taste that bad,” He admitted and then rested his head on Donghae’s chest.

“It so does.” Donghae replied and tried to roll out from between them but they just held him tighter.

“It really doesn’t,” Zhou Mi stated before leaning down to kiss Donghae softly.

“You’re both gross.” Donghae declared, earning loud laughter from both Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun.


Zhou Mi woke the next morning and stretched his arms above his head. He smiled as he saw that Donghae’s arms were wrapped securely around Kyuhyun as the latter used Donghae’s chest as a pillow. He climbed off the bed and searched around for his boxers. After pulling on the first pair he found (which he was more than certain actually belonged to Donghae since they were a little small), he walked across the room and pulled his door open.

Glancing once more at the bed where the two boys were laying, he smiled and then closed the door behind him. It definitely wasn’t a bad thing that his boyfriends had met. Especially if he got to wake up every morning to the sight of the two of them curled up together.

Now he wouldn’t have to sneak around anymore, but he would still take his Sundays as his “me” days.

Six days a week was more than enough.
Tags: character ; cho kyuhyun, character ; lee donghae, character ; zhou mi, fandom ; super junior-m, pairing ; donghae/kyuhyun/zhou mi, year ; 2008
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