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[ 36 ] Vacation Vexation -- A MomoKai Piece.

Title: Vacation Vexation
Characters: Kaidoh Kaoru and Momoshiro Takeshi [With appearances by Kaidoh’s family.]
Pairing: Momoshiro/Kaidoh
Rating: PG-15 to R, I’d say.

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis belongs to Konomi-sensei, not me. I just like messing around with his characters. :D

Warnings: Sweaty boys, a bit of cursing, slight UST, some frottage, sexual situations

Summary: Kaidoh’s parents have rented a house near the beach for a week. Much to Kaidoh’s chagrin, his mother has also invited Momoshiro along for the trip. Will Kaidoh be able to get some peace and quiet with Momoshiro around?

Notes: I haven’t written Kaidoh or Momo in a very very long time so I’m sorry if they seem even the slightest bit out of character. Thanks to my wonderful betas skittles and aman_amarth for helping me out. ♥ Originally written for maja_li at pot_bth.

Road trips.

They were most definitely without a doubt the bane of Kaidoh Kaoru’s existence. In his 16 years of life he had only been on two of them. Once with his parents and younger brother Hazue, the second time with his junior-high tennis team.

Both times hadn’t been fun to him at all. The first was because Hazue had gotten sick in the car and then the windows wouldn’t roll down. The second was because of his obnoxious teammates. If it wasn’t Fuji-senpai and Inui-senpai wanting them to play games where the ‘prize’ was Inui’s latest juice, it was Eiji-senpai and that idiot Momoshiro trying to get him to eat the weird snacks they’d snuck onto the bus without Tezuka-buchou’s knowledge.

Today, however unfortunate it was, just happened to be Kaidoh’s third ever road trip. And not only was he with his parents and Hazue, that damned monkey Momoshiro was along for the ride as well. His mother had somehow gotten it in her head that they were… friends and had invited Momoshiro along. Clearly the Higher Powers were out to make his life a living hell. If it wasn’t for the fact that at the end of this blasted car ride he would be at an almost private beach where he could do all the training he wanted, he would even have agreed to come along. Because if it wasn’t bad enough that his mother had invited Momoshiro in the first place, it was the fact that his brother actually got along well with the idiot.

And to make matters worse, Hazue and Momoshiro were singing along to the radio in a bad attempt at English. Kaidoh’s mother had picked up some English music that she liked to call ‘traveling music’ at the CD store and had put it on right after they had pulled out of the driveway. It hadn’t been so bad at first, but after several replays of the CD he was more than ready to pull it out of the CD deck and throw it out the window.

Good riddance to bad music.

But he knew his mother would most likely make his father turn around and head back home if he did throw the CD out so he decided it was best to just sit back and deal with it. Listening to Momoshiro’s bad English would certainly be better than listening to Hazue cry the entire way back home about how ‘Onii-chan ruined everything’.

And listening to Hazue cry was definitely not in Kaidoh’s plans today. He planned to arrive at the house his parents had rented for the week, drop his belongings in the closest bedroom and then go for a nice, long (and hopefully uninterrupted) run down the beach.

Little did he know, however, that his plans would be ruined by a certain younger brother and his monkey-brained accomplice.


“Kaoru, where do you think you’re going?” Kaidoh heard his mother ask just as he started for the door.

“For a run,” Kaidoh replied, glancing over his shoulder at his mother.

“Right now? But we just got here.”

“Yeah… I want to go while there’s still some light out.”

“…If you must. But take your brother and Takeshi-kun with you.” His mother said sweetly, a smile spreading across her features.

Bring Hazue and the monkey with him? What part of ‘I’m going for a run’ didn’t his mother understand? He couldn’t exactly enjoy his run if his brother and Momoshiro came with him. What the hell were they going to do anyway? Watch him run? That wouldn’t be fun for anyone involved. And it wasn’t like Hazue would be able to keep up with him if he decided to run as well. Momoshiro would probably be able to attempt to catch up with him, but Hazue would just drag them behind because he had shorter legs and bad stamina.

No, letting Momoshiro and Hazue tag along was definitely not okay with him. Not okay in any way, shape or form. “Mom, I want to go on my own,” Kaidoh said, his tone of voice full of defiance.

“Kaoru,” His mother started, “we’re only here for a week. Do you want your brother and friend to not have fun while we’re here?”

“They can have fun on their own… and Momoshiro is not my friend.” Kaidoh all but mumbled, all defiance leaving his tone in less than a second.

“What did you say, Kaoru?”

“I said that of course I want them to have fun. And I hope it will never end.”

“That’s what I thought you said,” She smiled a little wider now and then turned to the hallway where she knew Momoshiro and Hazue were waiting, “Hazue, Takeshi-kun… Kaoru has agreed to let you go with him to the beach.”

Kaidoh’s groan was fortunately hidden by the loud whoops and yells from Momoshiro and his brother. If he had thought the road trip part of this vacation had been bad, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to face the rest of it.


“Now, you’re both to stay here while I go for my run, understand? I don’t want either of you following me.” Kaidoh stated, from his brother to Momoshiro and back again.

“But Onii-san…”

“No buts. Stay here with the monkey.” Kaidoh said with a tone of finality in his voice.

“He’s a jerk, Hazue.” Momoshiro said as soon as Kaidoh had run off, “Stick with me and you’ll definitely have fun while we’re here!” He flashed Hazue the peace sign and grinned.

“Okay!” Hazue responded and flashed the peace sign back at Momoshiro before they both ran off into the water.

Kaidoh turned slightly and watched them splash around in the water. Idiots, the both of them. But as long as they kept each other distracted and didn’t bother him, they could be idiots all they liked. He picked up his pace a little more and then continued to run down the sand.

It was definitely nice to be able to run down this beach and not be bothered by anyone he didn’t know. He wasn’t sure how his father had found a beach out in the middle of nowhere that was this private, but he was definitely thankful for it. He was annoyed when people would stop him when he was out on his runs back in Tokyo, and so he was glad that here he couldn’t be interrupted. Well, he hoped he wouldn’t be interrupted.

As long as both Hazue and that stupid monkey continued to play on their own and left him alone he would definitely enjoy this little vacation that his parents had planned. Of course, he would have been able to enjoy it more if his mother hadn’t invited Momoshiro, but at least this way there was someone to distract Hazue so that he wouldn’t be bothering Kaidoh the entire time.

Just because he told his mother that he hoped the idiots had fun on this vacation didn’t mean that he had to be part of the fun. And he definitely didn’t want to be part of the fun. His mother would probably force him to be part of it during the times they were in the house, but during the time when he was outside on his own? Momoshiro and Hazue could fend for themselves.

Momoshiro always claimed that he ‘ruined the fun’ anyway, so it wasn’t like the other boy would want him to be in on it. Kaidoh couldn’t help it if his definition of ‘fun’ was opposite from Momoshiro’s. And really, how had his mother come to the conclusion that they were friends? They were teammates on their high-school tennis team and that was all.

Of course, it was probably just his mother trying to find him people of his own age to hang out with, but Kaidoh was more than happy to be on his own. He could do more thinking when he was on his own and didn’t have to deal with someone barging into his personal space. And what was the exact thing that Momoshiro always did when they were alone together? Barge into Kaidoh’s personal space, of course.

Not that he was alone with Momoshiro a lot, but the monkey just seemed to like to invade the personal bubbles of others. Especially when the other person didn’t want their personal bubble invaded. Perhaps it was just something about how Momoshiro had been raised or because he was just a downright idiot, but Kaidoh didn’t like being around him. He would rather be friends with Tezuka-buchou over Momoshiro and Tezuka had almost no personality.

It definitely wasn’t easy being Kaidoh Kaoru.

Especially when he had to deal with idiot teammates and idiot brothers when he just wanted to be left alone.


It was close to 8:00PM when he heard his mother calling them back to the house. Kaidoh begrudgingly headed up the hill to the small house where he was suddenly accosted by a very loud and very wet Momoshiro. The other boy threw his arms around Kaidoh’s shoulders and laughed right into his ear while an equally loud and wet Hazue slung himself around Kaidoh’s waist.

Did they really have to start bugging him as soon as they got back to the house?

“Get off me!” Kaidoh shouted and tried to push them both off. But neither was willing to let him go.

“No!” They both shouted back and then dragged Kaidoh the rest of the way up the hill and then into the house.

Kaidoh’s mother beamed as she saw all three of them stumble through the door together, “Oh, so you did have fun today! Good! Now come in and get changed and then come eat dinner.”

Kaidoh successfully threw both Hazue and Momoshiro off and rushed to bring his things into the bathroom so that he could change out of his previously dry clothes. Stupid idiots getting him all wet and gross when he had been the only one to not enter the water. He pulled his shirt and shorts off and then searched through his bag for something dry.

But just as he pulled some dry clothes out of his bag, the bathroom door was thrown open and Momoshiro’s voice filled his ears. “Let me in, Mamushi.”

“Get out!” Kaidoh hollered at him and tried to push him out the door.

“We’re both boys, it doesn’t matter. Let me in.”

“Fine,” Kaidoh replied, scowling darkly as he closed the door behind Momoshiro.

“Thanks,” Momoshiro beamed and then started to pull his wet clothes off.

“Ugh! At least have the decency to wait until I’m turned away first. I don’t want to see you naked.” Kaidoh stated, before turning away from Momoshiro and quickly getting dressed so that he could exit the bathroom as fast as possible.

“You’ve seen me naked at least ten times before, Mamushi. Shared showers at school, remember?”

“Shut up, you monkey.” Kaidoh replied and turned farther away from Momoshiro. He didn’t want the idiot to see that he was blushing.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see me naked?” Momoshiro asked, wiggling his eyebrows a little in Kaidoh’s direction.

“Definitely sure,” Kaidoh stated before throwing the door to the bathroom open and rushing out.

Could Momoshiro be anymore obnoxious and disgusting? No, no, he definitely could be. Kaidoh just didn’t want to see it. He sighed and walked back out into the main area of the house and sat down in one of the chairs. He looked over at his mother and saw her awkwardly shifting back and forth on her feet.

“…Mom, is something wrong?” Kaidoh asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

“Well… I don’t think it’s a problem but you might.”

“What do you mean?”

“The room that you’re sharing with Takeshi-kun only has one bed.”

“What?” Kaidoh asked politely at the same time that Momoshiro shouted a very confused “WHAT?!” from just around the corner to the main room.

“The room you two are sharing has only one bed.”

“He’s sleeping on the floor.” Kaidoh replied simply.

“No I’m not!” Momoshiro shouted and walked into the room.

“Yes, you are. I’m not sharing a bed with someone like you.” Kaidoh stated, getting up from the chair and heading into the kitchen.

As far as he was concerned, the conversation was over. There was no way he would share the bed with Momoshiro. Even if it was a queen or king size bed, he still wouldn’t share with the monkey. Because there could very well be a chance that some of Momoshiro’s idiot germs would get onto Kaidoh and he would become an exact carbon copy of the other. And he definitely enjoyed being himself.


After dinner was over, Kaidoh went into the room and surveyed the room that he was to share with Momoshiro. Yes, it definitely only had one bed. A double bed, but as far as Kaidoh was concerned it was too small for both of them.

“That bed can definitely fit the both of us in it with a ton of space between us!” Momoshiro shouted as he stood in the doorway to the room.

“Doesn’t matter,” Kaidoh replied and glanced over his shoulder at Momoshiro, “You’re not sleeping in it.”

“Why not?!”

Kaidoh wanted to tell him the truth about being worried that he could catch idiot from him, but he decided against it at the last minute. “Because I heard from Echizen that you unconsciously cling to the person you’re sharing a bed with. I don’t want you touching me.”

“Echizen’s a liar.” Momoshiro replied, moving into the room a little more before throwing himself down onto the bed.

“Get off of there!” Kaidoh shouted and then climbed onto the bed so that he could throw Momoshiro off.

He grabbed a hold of Momoshiro’s shoulders and made to throw him off the bed.

“You just said you didn’t want me touching you and now you’re touching me,” Momoshiro said, wiggling his eyebrows again.


“What if I don’t want to?”

“Then I’ll make you!”

“How do you plan to do that, Ka-o-ru?” Momoshiro asked, drawing out each syllable of Kaidoh’s name.

“Do not use my first name!”

“Why can’t I use it? Your mother does.”

“That’s because she’s my mother, you dumb ass.”

“So what do I have to do to have the privilege to call you by your first name?”

“There’s nothing you could do.” Kaidoh replied, rolling off of Momoshiro and climbing off the bed.

“Are you sure?” Momoshiro asked, turning onto his side and resting his chin in the palm of his hand.

“Yes. Now go to sleep.” Kaidoh stated, pulling one of the pillows off the bed and then heading out of the room.

“Where are you going?”

“To sleep on the couch. You stay here.”

“You don’t have to sleep on the couch, Mamushi. You can stay here.”

“I’m not going to share the bed with you. How do I know you won’t try to molest me in my sleep?”

“I’m not that sexually-frustrated. I wouldn’t molest you.”

“I’m still not going to share the bed with you.”

“Just suck it up and get in the bed, Mamushi.”

“As long as you promise you won’t touch me.”

“I promise. Now shut up and get into the bed.” Momoshiro practically growled, glaring over at Kaidoh.

Kaidoh sighed and threw the pillow onto the bed, and then lay down on the side of the bed farthest away from Momoshiro. He slid under the blankets and then rolled onto his side away from the other boy. He would put up with sharing a bed with the idiot as long as he didn’t try to touch him in any way. He wasn’t into other boys so he didn’t want to deal with Momoshiro who was always hitting on both sexes.

“Mamushi, I’m not going to touch you. You don’t have to sleep that far away from me.” Momoshiro said, moving a little closer to Kaidoh in the bed at the same time that Kaidoh moved a little more in so that he wouldn’t be almost hanging off the side. “There, now is that so bad?”

“Shut up and sleep.” Kaidoh responded, still turned away from Momoshiro.


Kaidoh woke up around 2:00AM and found himself unable to move. There was a very uncomfortable weight on his chest. He glanced down and spotted Momoshiro curled up to him, the monkey boy’s legs entwined with his own. Echizen was most definitely not a liar. And not only was Kaidoh unable to move, he was also practically unable to breathe and very, very, very warm.

“Get off me,” Kaidoh said into the darkness and pushed at Momoshiro’s frame. But Momoshiro continued to cling to him. Damn it, the idiot was awful heavy. Must have been from all the damned fast food he ate.

“Mmm… Kaoru,” Momoshiro muttered into Kaidoh’s chest and held him even tighter.

“Move, you idiot,” Kaidoh stated. “I can’t breathe.”

He pushed on Momoshiro once more and finally succeeded on getting the other boy to let go. Succeeded far too well though because Momoshiro soon found himself sprawled across the floor, one leg still partially on the bed. Kaidoh glanced over the edge of the bed and stared down at Momoshiro. Somehow Momoshiro was still asleep. Kaidoh shook his head and then moved back onto the bed and made himself comfortable.

Not even a minute later, he heard a pained groan from the general vicinity of where Momoshiro had fallen off the bed. “…Mamushi, why am I on the floor?”

“You fell,” Kaidoh answered nonchalantly.

“I fell?” Momoshiro asked, throwing him leg off the bed so that he could sit up and look at Kaidoh.

“Yeah. You were rolling in your sleep and you just kind of…fell off.”

“Oh,” Momoshiro replied, laughing a little, “I do that all the time at home.” Kaidoh rolled his eyes and then stared up at the ceiling. Momoshiro was really gullible sometimes. “I didn’t say anything weird in my sleep, did I?” Momoshiro questioned as he climbed back into the bed and lay down next to Kaidoh once more.

“Not really.”

“Okay then,” Momoshiro stated and then began to fan himself. “Shit, is it ever warm in here.”

“Yeah, it really is.” Kaidoh agreed, sitting up and pulling off his t-shirt, throwing it aside.

“Is there any way we could make it less warm in here?”

“Nope, the window latch is broken and won’t open.”

“Seriously?” Momoshiro asked. He got out of the bed and ran for the window, tugging at the latch incessantly.

“I told you it’s broken. You’re going to hurt your hand if you continue to do that.”

“Then how are we supposed to cool down?!” Momoshiro asked, flopping back down on the bed after giving up on trying to pry the window to open.

“I don’t know. Just shut up and try to sleep.”

“But it’s too warm to sleep,” Momoshiro complained, rolling onto his side and staring down at Kaidoh. “Think we could go for a midnight swim? That water has got to be freezing~”

“It’s 2:00AM.”

“Then we’ll go for a 2:00AM swim, whatever. Can we go?”

“Fine,” Kaidoh replied, “Just don’t make a bunch of noise. Because if you wake up Hazue…”

“I won’t wake him up. Now come on, let’s go!” Momoshiro smacked Kaidoh on his bare chest a few times and then jumped off the bed, ripping open the door two seconds later.

Kaidoh sighed and climbed off the bed, following Momoshiro out of the house. They ran down the hill and straight into the water. Momoshiro let out a loud moan as soon as the cold water hit his skin. Kaidoh shivered a little at first but did have to admit that it was definitely nicer than the warmth of the room they had been sleeping in. He turned away from the house and reveled in how the moon was reflected off the lake. Normally, he wasn’t one to notice nature-type stuff like this but it actually looked pretty nice.

Momoshiro decided to take advantage of Kaidoh looking away from him to attack the taller boy from behind. Perhaps Kaidoh would kick his ass for even attempting to jump on him but the loud scream that he let out was definitely worth it. “Ahhh, what the hell?!” Kaidoh shouted, pushing Momoshiro so the other ended up in the water.

“God damn it Mamushi that’s cold!” Momoshiro shouted back, getting back onto his feet.

“Shut up, you’re the one who attacked me first!”

“It’s not my fault you let your guard down! Clearly you haven’t been listening close enough to Tezuka-buchou’s speeches.”

“Shut your damn mouth!” Kaidoh hollered, reaching forward to grab a fistful of Momoshiro’s wet t-shirt.

“You shut it for me!”

“Fine!” Kaidoh shouted right into Momoshiro’s face before leaning forward and pressing his lips against the other male’s. Normally, he wouldn’t have even considered kissing Momoshiro as a way to properly shut him up, but it really was the only thing he could think of on such short notice. Momoshiro pulled back a few minutes later and stared incredulously at Kaidoh. “You… You kissed me!” He shouted, pointing at the other boy.

“Shut up, no I didn’t.” Kaidoh said in a voice that was almost a whisper.

“Yes, you did… and you liked it.”

“You’re wrong.”

“You’re always pushing me away and telling me not to touch you and then… you…you kissed me. Mamushi, do you by any chance… like me?” Momoshiro asked, moving closer to Kaidoh and getting right in his personal space.

“Of course not,” Kaidoh said, his voice cracking a little as a slight blush crossed his face, “Shut up.”

“You do like me! Oh, I can’t wait to tell Echizen about this when we get back!”

“You’re not telling anyone anything,” Kaidoh said before he walked out of the water and then stomped up the hill to the house.

“Mamushi, wait up!” Momoshiro shouted, running out of the water and then up the hill after Kaidoh.

“Shut your damn mouth,” Kaidoh said as he stared down at his feet, his fists clenched at his sides, “Shut up or I’ll punch you…”

“You wouldn’t punch me unless I gave you a reason to. And I don’t think I have.” Momoshiro stated plainly, turning Kaidoh around so that they were face to face and then leaned forward a few inches until their lips were touching once more. He pulled back a few seconds later and laughed loudly, “There. Now I’ve given you a reason to punch me.”

Momoshiro was fully expecting Kaidoh to reach forward and punch him straight in the jaw. But instead he soon found himself kissing Kaidoh once again, the older boy tentatively sliding his tongue along Momoshiro’s bottom lip. Momoshiro opened his mouth a little to grant Kaidoh access to his mouth. Kaidoh slowly slid his tongue into Momoshiro’s mouth and before either of them knew it, they were kissing so hard that there wasn’t enough air to breathe and they were forced to break apart.

Kaidoh took in a few deep breaths before whispering two words into the night air, “Inside. Now.”

Momoshiro didn’t have to be told twice and let Kaidoh lead him into the house. They all but ran to their room, closed the door behind them and then collapsed onto the bed in a mess of lips and limbs. They couldn’t get each other out of their wet clothes quick enough, but soon found themselves completely naked on top of the sheets.

Kaidoh breathed against Momoshiro’s collarbone and laughed a little. Was he really just about to have sex with Momoshiro Takeshi? …Yes, yes apparently he was. This all seemed so ridiculous but definitely not unwelcome.

“…Why are you laughing?” Momoshiro asked as he stared up at Kaidoh.

“Never mind,” Kaidoh replied as he pressed his body down against Momoshiro’s causing a nice friction between their bodies.

Momoshiro rocked up against Kaidoh as Kaidoh continued to press down on him. It was definitely an odd feeling to have someone else’s erection pressed up against his own, but definitely not the worst thing he had ever felt. He pulled Kaidoh down by the back of his neck and slid his tongue into the taller boy’s mouth. He wanted to be kissing Kaidoh when he came (and damn, was he ever getting close) because he figured it would be more intimate that way.

Kaidoh hissed into Momoshiro’s mouth and nearly bit the younger boy’s tongue off as he felt his climax nearing. He rocked down into the other’s hips a few more times before he came between their bodies. That was all it took for Momoshiro and he found himself coming shortly after, his loud moan becoming lost in Kaidoh’s mouth.

It was definitely a shock to Kaidoh Kaoru that he had just had sex with Momoshiro Takeshi of all people.

But the real surprise would come in the morning when his mother would find him all naked and sticky in a bed with someone that he didn’t even consider a friend.

Yes, it definitely wasn’t easy to be Kaidoh Kaoru. But if it all it took for to shut up the idiot monkey was to kiss him and get him off, Kaidoh would be sure to use the tactic more than just this once.
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