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[ 47 ] Eros -- A KyuHyuk Multiparter -- 7/15

Title: Eros (Or How Cho Kyuhyun Fell In Love) 7/15
Author: polyurethane
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing(s): Eventual Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk (main), Eunhyuk/Victoria and Kyuhyun/Luna for this chapter.
Word Count: 3751 words for this chapter WHAT.
Summary: Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk are college students with the hit, quit, compare mentality. Sex is fun and love isn't supposed to enter into the equation. But what happens when it does?
Warnings: These boys have potty mouths?
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine but the idea. Damn.
Notes: Sorry this chapter took so long. But look, it's almost 4000 words! Please don't hate me for the ending, okay?

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

"I'm going to ask her out today, Kyuhyun." Eunhyuk said as he pulled his favourite sweater over his head, grinning from ear to ear once his head was exposed again.

"Going to ask who out?" Kyuhyun asked, blinking a few times as he stared at Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk ran his fingers through his hair so it fluffed up in the front, still grinning when he spoke again, "Song Qian."

"Oh." Kyuhyun nodded, shoving his textbooks into his book bag. "Good for you."

"Can't you at least pretend to be supportive?" Eunhyuk furrowed his brows and then flicked Kyuhyun on middle of his forehead.

"Nope, sorry." Kyuhyun replied before flicking Eunhyuk's forehead back, "It's not in my nature to be supportive."

"I hate you." Eunhyuk frowned, flicking Kyuhyun again.

"I know." Kyuhyun said with a grin, laughing to himself. "But seriously though, good luck."

"I'm going to wait for her after the exam and ask her out." Eunhyuk stated, suddenly grinning once again.

"I hope it works out for you." Kyuhyun patted the top of Eunhyuk's head and then opened up the door for the older male. "Come on Casanova, we'll be late for the exam if we don't leave now."

Eunhyuk stuck his tongue out at Kyuhyun and then ran out of the room past him, laughing loudly.

Kyuhyun shook his head and shut the door behind them, following Eunhyuk off down the hall.


Eunhyuk grinned as he stood outside the humanities classroom, waiting for Victoria to finish up her exam. He rocked back and forth on his feet, watching as student after student passed him. He sighed and started drumming his fingers against his thigh, getting a bit impatient as he waited.

Kyuhyun laughed as he walked out of the class, tapping Eunhyuk lightly on the side of the head. "She's Chinese, idiot. It'll take her longer than the rest of us to finish the exam. You might be waiting here all day."

"...Then I'll wait all day." Eunhyuk replied, reaching out to smack Kyuhyun with his other hand.

"Fine by me." Kyuhyun said, laughing again. "See you back at the dorm later." He waved at Eunhyuk as he walked away, catching up with someone else from the class to discuss the exam they had just taken.

Eunhyuk scoffed when Kyuhyun walked off, continuing to drum his fingers against his thigh. He got so distracted by the action that he missed Victoria leaving the class, only noticing her after she'd started to walk in the opposite direction. He straightened his back when he saw her, taking in a deep breath before calling her name. "Qian!"

Victoria turned around, blinking a few times. Had someone just spoken to her? "Hello?"

"Over here!" Eunhyuk called out, waving to her.

Victoria laughed awkwardly, parting her long brown hair over her shoulders as she walked back over to him. "Oh, hello Hyukjae." She bowed her head slightly, a soft smile on her face. "Was there something you wanted?" She asked in her accented Korean, her head titled to the side.

Eunhyuk smiled at her, nodding his head. "I... uh... Would you like to go out with me tonight?"

"Ah..." Victoria started, biting down on her bottom lip momentarily, "You know I just got out of a relationship, don't you?"

"Yeah, I know." Eunhyuk replied, "But I just wanted to see if you needed someone to... talk to about it?"

"Oh." Victoria smiled, letting out a breath she hadn't even known she'd been holding in, "I guess I could use someone to talk to. Thank you."

"So you'll go with me tonight?" Eunhyuk asked, smiling sheepishly.

"Yes." Victoria responded, smiling back at him. "But only if you find someone for my roommate too. She's been feeling a little down these days and I think talking to a nice boy would help her."

"Your roommate?" Eunhyuk stared at Victoria with a curious look on his face, "I don't know if I ever met her."

"Her name is Park Sunyoung and she's a vocal major." Victoria replied, playing with her hair as she spoke. "She's a very nice girl."

Eunhyuk nodded, his lips pursed together slightly. Okay now he was certain that he hadn't ever met her roommate before, but if she was anything like Victoria he didn't think it would be that bad. "I think I know the perfect very nice boy to set her up with."

"Oh good." Victoria grinned, letting out a small laugh. "See you later then?"

"Yeah, later." Eunhyuk agreed, grinning back at Victoria. "How does eight sound?"

"Perfect." Victoria said before leaning over to press a kiss to Eunhyuk's cheek, "See you at eight." She then turned on her heel and continued off down the hallway, heading straight for her next exam.


"Fuck yeah!" Eunhyuk shouted excitedly as he entered the dorm room, closing the door loudly behind him.

"I take it that means you've got a date tonight?" Kyuhyun asked, turning on his side to look at Eunhyuk.

"Yep." Eunhyuk nodded, grinning from ear to ear. "And so do you."

"...No I don't?" Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow, staring at the older male.

"Yes you do." Eunhyuk replied as he walked over to sit at the end of Kyuhyun's bed. "You're going out tonight with Qian's roommate."

"And you just decided this for me without even considering that I might have plans of my own?" Kyuhyun asked, sighing loudly.

"Pretty much yeah." Eunhyuk laughed, patting Kyuhyun on the knee.

"Why would you do that?" Kyuhyun sighed again, pushing at Eunhyuk's face.

"Because Qian wouldn't go out with me in case I found someone for her roommate." Eunhyuk responded matter-of-factly, grinning from ear to ear as he pulled Kyuhyun's hands away from his face. "And you already said you didn't have anyone in mind this week, so I found someone for you."

"...Do you even know what Qian's roommate looks like?"

"Nope." Eunhyuk shook his head, "But Qian said that she's a very nice girl."

"That means nothing, Hyuk." Kyuhyun said and climbed off of his bed, sighing yet again.

"I'm sure she's a very good looking girl, Kyu." Eunhyuk said with a grin as he hugged Kyuhyun from behind, tickling the younger male's sides.

"She'd better be." Kyuhyun said before shrugging Eunhyuk off his back, "So when are we meeting them?"

"At eight." Eunhyuk answered, fluffing up Kyuhyun's hair a little. "So that gives you more than enough time to learn how to not be awkward as fuck around new people."

Kyuhyun shoved Eunhyuk's shoulder, letting out a scoff. "How about you learn to not be such an asshole?"

"Sorry, it's just in my nature." Eunhyuk replied, grinning from ear to ear.


"You love me." Eunhyuk said with a laugh, reaching out to fluff up Kyuhyun's hair again.

"...Yeah, keep telling yourself that." Kyuhyun shoved Eunhyuk again, laughing along with him.


Victoria smiled as she dragged Luna along behind her, stopping once they reached the club where she'd agreed to meet up with Eunhyuk. "Come on Sunyoung, it's not going to be that bad."

Luna sighed, shaking her head. "I beg to differ, Qian. You set me up with a complete stranger."

"He's not a complete stranger, Sunyoung." Victoria replied, smiling softly at the younger girl.

"How can you say that?" Luna asked, sighing again. "You don't even know who he is!"

"Shhhhh." Victoria said, putting a finger to Luna's lips. "They'll be here soon. Do you want to hear him complaining about you not wanting to meet him?"

"...I guess not." Luna admitted, her cheeks flushing a dark pink. "He better not be a creep though or I'm leaving."

"I don't think he'll be a creep."

Eunhyuk waved to Victoria when he spotted her, tugging on Kyuhyun's sleeve with his other hand so that the younger boy would follow him. "Qian!"

"Hyukjae!" Victoria shouted, waving back at Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk smiled and continued to tug Kyuhyun after him, stopping once they reached Victoria and Luna. "Qian, this is Kyuhyun."

Victoria waved to Kyuhyun, smiling softly. "Hello."

"Hi." Kyuhyun answered, shrugging his shoulders.

"Is this him?" Luna asked, staring at Kyuhyun through slightly narrowed eyes.

Eunhyuk nodded and pushed Kyuhyun forward so that he was standing right in front of Luna.

Kyuhyun swallowed as he watched Luna look him up and down, taking in a deep breath.

"...He'll do." Luna said with a cheeky smile, reaching out to take Kyuhyun's hand. "Come on then, let's go inside."

Kyuhyun smiled softly at her and let out the breath he'd been holding, accepting Luna's offered hand. "I'm Kyuhyun. What's your name?"

"Sunyoung," Luna answered, "Nice to meet you."

"You too." Kyuhyun nodded and then followed Luna inside, lacing his fingers with hers.

Eunhyuk grinned at Victoria once Kyuhyun and Luna were out of earshot, his head tilted to the side slightly. "Looks like we made a good match, hmm?"

Victoria nodded, smiling sheepishly. "I just hope he can handle her. Sunyoung is... a bit excitable."

"He'll be fine." Eunhyuk assured her , soon after holding out his arm to Victoria, hoping that she would take the hint and link her arm with his.

"I hope so." Victoria replied before linking her arm with Eunhyuk's and walking with him into the club.


Luna laughed as she led Kyuhyun through the halls of the dormitory, her hand clasped tightly in his. "So... my dorm or yours?"

"I'm not really supposed to bring people back to the dorm." Kyuhyun replied, his lips pursed slightly. "But fuck it." He was pretty sure that Eunhyuk had already brought Victoria back to her dorm anyway, he hadn't been able to find him at the club to tell him that he and Luna were leaving.

"That's the spirit!" Luna giggled and then pushed Kyuhyun in front of her slightly, "Lead the way!"

"Okay." Kyuhyun said with a chuckle before turning them around abruptly to head in the other direction.

Luna clung to Kyuhyun's hand as they walked to his dorm, swinging their arms back and forth between them. "I'm glad Qian set us up, you know..."

"Are you?" Kyuhyun asked, a teasing sort of tone to his voice.

"Mmhm," Luna replied, nodding her head. "You're just my type, Kyuhyun."

"You're quite a catch yourself, Sunyoung." Kyuhyun replied, smiling as he looked over at her.

"Why thank you." Luna giggled again, continuing to swing their arms back and forth.

"And here's my dorm." Kyuhyun said once they reached the door, "Want to come in?"

"Of course." Luna responded, nodding rather fervently.

Kyuhyun opened the door and swung it inwards, gesturing for Luna to enter before he did. "Ignore the mess, we've been sort of distracted because of exams and..."

"Which bed is yours?" Luna asked, ignoring his statement about the mess.

"That one," Kyuhyun replied and pointed to his bed, "Why?"

Luna kicked the door shut behind her, her grin feral as she turned to Kyuhyun, "Because it would be rude for us to have sex in your roommate's bed, don't you think?"

Kyuhyun laughed, "Okay you do have a point there."

"Of course I do," Luna replied before reaching for Kyuhyun's collar to pull him into a kiss.

Kyuhyun gasped against her lips but kissed her back hard, his hands going directly to her waist. Luna took no time at all to start leading Kyuhyun toward his bed, tightening her grip on his collar.

Kyuhyun felt his knees buckle against the end of his bed, pulling Luna on top of him as he continued to kiss her. Luna panted against Kyuhyun's mouth, bringing her hands up to run through his hair. Kyuhyun kissed her harder, gripping her hips tightly. He rocked up into her, groaning into her mouth.

Luna broke the kiss to look down at Kyuhyun, swallowing hard before she spoke. "Do you have condoms in here somewhere?"

"...I don't know." Kyuhyun replied honestly, a slight frown on his face.

"That's okay," Luna said with a smile before leaning down to kiss him softly, "I'm on the pill."

"We should still probably use a condom though, shouldn't we?"

"Do you want to have sex tonight or not?"

"I definitely want to have sex tonight," Kyuhyun replied, "But I won't do it unless we've got a condom."

Luna sighed and rolled off of him, lying next to him on the bed.

Kyuhyun looked over at her, smiling softly at her. "I just don't want to get you pregnant, Sunyoung." He ruffled her hair and then climbed off the bed and walked across to Eunhyuk's part of the room.

"I told you I was on the pill." Luna said, sighing loudly.

"A girl at my high school got pregnant while on the pill, I'm not taking any chances." Kyuhyun replied as he searched through Eunhyuk's bedside table. Surely the older male had at least one condom in here somewhere?

"...Fine." Luna sighed again, waiting as Kyuhyun searched for a condom.

Kyuhyun held up a condom from Eunhyuk's drawer, grinning wide as he looked over at Luna. "Found one."

Luna grinned back and then reached inside her skirt to pull her underwear off, throwing them to the floor in one swift motion.

Kyuhyun laughed and then walked back over to his bed, unbuttoning his jeans on the way over. He slid his zipper down as well and then rested himself in between Luna's legs, grinning down at her.

"Eager, are you?" Luna asked with a grin before pulling him down for a kiss.

Kyuhyun made a noise of agreement against her lips, grinning to himself as he kissed her back. Luna pulled back from the kiss to grin at him, watching him through hooded eyes.

Kyuhyun pushed his jeans and underwear down his hips so that they pooled at his knees before unwrapping the condom and slipping it onto his length. He leaned forward to kiss Luna again before sliding inside her, breathing deeply against her mouth. Luna gasped when she felt him slip inside, arching her hips up off the bed. Couldn't he have given her even a bit of a warning?

Kyuhyun coaxed Luna's mouth open with his tongue as he began to thrust in and out of her, his hips snapping into hers rather hard. Luna moaned loudly as he began to thrust, arching her hips up even higher to meet his. She searched for his tongue with hers, kissing him deeply.

Kyuhyun kissed her back as he continued to pound into her, his hands gripping her waist in an effort to keep her still. Luna rocked up against him, meeting him thrust for thrust. She moaned into his mouth, kissing him even harder now.

Kyuhyun continued his actions as he forced his tongue farther into Luna's mouth, massaging her tongue with his own. Luna gasped as he moved even faster, feeling her release creeping up on her. Kyuhyun kissed her harder now as he pushed into her at a faster rate, unsure just how long he would last.

Luna clenched around him as she came, her toes curling up against the bedsheets. She let her head fall back against the mattress, breathing in and out as Kyuhyun kept up with his actions. Kyuhyun hips snapped forward over and over as he began to mouth at her neck, making sure to leave a spot there.

Luna whimpered when she felt his lips on her neck, snapping her hips back into his as she rode out her orgasm. Kyuhyun gave one final thrust before he felt his own release hit him, gasping wordlessly against her throat.

Luna dug her feet farther into the bedsheets when she felt him tense up, whimpering yet again. Kyuhyun let go of Luna's waist and put his hands on either side of her body, breathing deeply as he tried to come down from his high. He slowly slid out of her and then dropped to her side, smiling sheepishly as he looked over at her.

Luna grinned back at him, her chest rising and falling. "...Shower?"

"Race you there?" Kyuhyun asked, letting out a laugh.

Luna laughed and then got up on shaky legs, wobbling from side to side. "...Maybe we should go together. I can't really stand properly."

Kyuhyun laughed again and then got up off the bed, kicking his jeans and underwear off fully before leading Luna to the bathroom.


Eunhyuk scowled to himself as he closed the door to Victoria's dorm behind him, kicking at the carpet in the hallway. Wow, he was an idiot, wasn't he? How could he let himself be fooled like that?

He sighed and walked away from her dorm, shaking his head at how stupid he'd been. He should have known better than to go after a girl who had just broken up with her boyfriend. But how was he supposed to know that said ex-boyfriend would call her up and ask her out again.

Although maybe he should have been expecting that. He just wasn't expecting Victoria to agree to it and then kick him out after inviting her now on again boyfriend over.

He screamed and kicked at the carpet again before sluggishly walking back to the dorm that he shared with Kyuhyun. Maybe he'd be lucky and Kyuhyun would have struck out with Luna as well and they could both complain about how they'd made bad choices tonight?

...Oh who was he kidding? Luna had been beyond enamoured with Kyuhyun and vice versa. Of course they'd hooked up, of course they had.

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, continuing on his trek back to his dorm. Maybe this whole game had been a bad idea in the first place? He pulled the door to his dorm open once he reached it, the very distinct smell of sex wafting out past him. He wrinkled his nose and let out a noise of disgust.

"Cho Kyuhyun!" He shouted, crossing his arms across his chest.

Kyuhyun laughed as he opened the door to the bathroom, a towel slung low around his waist. "Yeah Hyukjae?"

"...You slept with her here?" Eunhyuk gestured to Kyuhyun's mussed up bed, a frown on his face.

"Where else was I supposed to do it? You and Qian claimed their dorm already." Kyuhyun shrugged, running his fingers through his wet hair.

Eunhyuk ignored Kyuhyun's last statement and let out a loud sigh, "Is she still here?"

"Kyuhyun... are you coming back in?" Luna asked as she walked out of the bathroom, naked except for the t-shirt Kyuhyun had been wearing earlier that night.

"Get out." Eunhyuk ordered, glaring at the younger girl.

"I... what?" Luna blinked, staring at Eunhyuk with a confused look on her face.

"Did I stutter? Get out!" Eunhyuk shouted, pointing at the still open door.

"Hyuk... you're being a little..." Kyuhyun started, staring at the older male with an eyebrow raised.

"Get her out of here, please." Eunhyuk replied, turning away from Kyuhyun and Luna.

Kyuhyun ran to the bathroom to grab Luna's clothes, handing them to her quickly before shoving her out the door.

Luna blinked when the door to Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk's dorm was suddenly slammed behind her, wondering what it was that she had just done wrong. She slowly pulled on her underwear and skirt to make the way back to her own dorm, walking in a unstable line.

Kyuhyun turned on Eunhyuk the moment that Luna was gone, glaring at him. "What the hell was that, Hyukjae?!"

"...I thought we agreed to not use our dorm for this." Eunhyuk replied through gritted teeth, still faced away from Kyuhyun.

"Is that seriously why you're so mad?" Kyuhyun asked, stepping up behind Eunhyuk to turn him around.

"Yes," Eunhyuk replied, staring down at his feet, "Our dorm was to be off limits for this stuff. And you knew that."

Kyuhyun sighed and walked away from Eunhyuk, pulling his underwear and jeans back on before dropping his towel to the floor. "...Are you sure that's all?" He asked, turning back to face to the older boy.

"Of course." Eunhyuk answered, letting out a sigh. "...No." He whispered, shaking his head as he continued to stare at his feet.

"...Then what is it?" Kyuhyun questioned, walking over to Eunhyuk so that he was right in front of him. "Did things not work out with Qian tonight?"

Eunhyuk nodded, sighing once again. "Her boyfriend called her right before we were going to have sex. Told her that he'd been an idiot and would she take him back and blah blah blah. Then she kicked me out."

Kyuhyun let out an awkward laugh before hugging Eunhyuk to his bare chest, "This is why I wished you luck when it came to her, Hyukjae."

Eunhyuk scoffed and pushed at Kyuhyun's chest, "Asshole."

"Yep," Kyuhyun agreed, laughing again before letting go of Eunhyuk. He started to walk away before he felt Eunhyuk's hand close around his wrist. He blinked, staring at the other through wide eyes. "...Hyukjae?"

Eunhyuk swallowed dryly as he looked up at Kyuhyun, his eyes shining with unshed tears. "Just... just let me have this, okay?"

"Have what?" Kyuhyun blinked, unsure of what Eunhyuk was asking for.

Eunhyuk swallowed yet again before leaning up to press his lips against Kyuhyun's, preparing himself for the inevitable punch from Kyuhyun for making such a stupid move.

But it never came.

Kyuhyun let out a gasp when he was suddenly kissed, taking a few seconds before he tentatively pressed his lips back against Eunhyuk's. He gripped the shorter male's shoulders, breathing through his nose. Eunhyuk kept his hand around Kyuhyun's wrist as he kissed him, smiling softly against the younger boy's lips. He whimpered a little when he felt Kyuhyun's tongue slide along his bottom lip, opening his mouth way too easily.

Kyuhyun slipped his tongue into Eunhyuk's mouth, searching for the other's tongue with his own. Eunhyuk sighed and kissed the younger back, his tongue sliding perfectly alongside Kyuhyun's.

Kyuhyun continued to kiss Eunhyuk for a few minutes before the realization of what he was doing fully hit him, his eyes flying open. He pushed Eunhyuk away and grabbed the nearest shirt he could find, pulling it over his head before rushing out of their dorm.

Eunhyuk blinked and stared at Kyuhyun's retreating form, his heart beating rapidly in his chest.

This was the part of the dream where he usually woke up, it hadn't once ever ended with Kyuhyun running away.

Wait, did that mean it wasn't a dream?


Chapter 8
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