April 21st, 2008


[ 30 ] With My Heart As Your New Home -- In which Shishido is in college.

Title: With My Heart As Your New Home
Author: polyurethane
Pairing(s): Kamakari/Shishido, Past Hiyoshi/Shishido
Characters: Shishido Ryou, Kamakari Hiroki (OC), Cameos by Atobe Keigo and Hiyoshi Wakashi, Mentions of Ohtori Choutarou and Kabaji Munehiro
Rating: R, maybe? There's sex, but it's not really descriptive...
Summary: Shishido is now a college student and has been trying for the past six months to get over his ex-boyfriend Hiyoshi. He soon finds himself drinking to dull the pain of the break-up and ends up sleeping with his roommate Hiroki. Will Hiroki be just what Shishido needs to forget Hiyoshi or will it just be a one time thing?
Notes: I started this back in July of 2007, so I'm sorry if some things seem a little off. But I finally finished it, so I am more than happy. As it so goes with most of the stuff written here, this is for gekkonorondo, but mostly for myself because this was just bugging me to be written. Hn, yeah.


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